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WIT is the first developer in Sabah in the provision of Internet Access and Voip services using fibre optic, located in the centre of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. WIT provides internet access for around three thousands users in several location of Kota Kinabalu.


In year 2015 , due to the fast expanding in residential and commercial subscribers, to deal with the excessive growth of their business , WIT were roused against the need of ERP in prevailing the massive demands. Hence, we implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to WIT to intensify their business workflow. The company’s network infrastructure was integrated with the Odoo system of ours to provide domination over the company’s user internet connectivity. Difficulties confronted by WIT are concluded as below:

  • Difficulties in managing enormous amount of customer profiles.
  • Payment record & bank reconciliation.
  • Double work due multiple vendor billing system for each services.
  • Customer unable to view realtime billing information and account balance.
  • No trace of past billing and usage report on self service portal.
  • Management team has no fast and easy way to monitor the company performance.
  • Cost of communication is high.


An Odoo system is particularly tailored to integrate with the company’s existing network infrastructure such as Authentication, Authorization & Accounting (AAA), SIP/Voip Server and to be used in managing various kind of billing invoice. with the fully integrated solution, customer and network operator are allowed to view realtime information both on billing and resources usage. Capacity planning made easy with the visibility on various information capturing points.
We strongly believe finance & accounting act as the backbone for every company on any industry therefore customization based on its peculiar company culture is a must. In WIT network an accounting module was solely developed for WIT to enable them in managing their business needs. A few modules were tailored in order to overcome the difficulties:

  • Customized ERP fully integrated with existing network infrastructure and Seamlessly integrates with WIT operational environment, reducing expenses and improving performance.
  • Multiple level access control list, different group of user has different access right. new user can be added to respective group with similar access right without worry of security breach.
  • Payment gateway integration with major local bank and FPX.
  • Automated monthly billing process.
  • Multiple automated notification before account expiration date and on the due date.
  • Notification on VoIP credit limit low.
  • Support both Postpaid and Prepaid billing model.
  • Customer document management.
  • Easy package configuration with data quota and VoIP credit limit.
  • Support both dynamic and static IP address allocation (public & private).

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